Frequently Asked Questions

Popular FAQ

1. Can i pickup my order?

Currently we do not open for store pickup and strictly on delivery . But if you are insist on picking up order, only Suria Inanam Outlet can be order pickup and we do not refund delivery fee.

2. Are the price from Physical Store and Webstore the same? Does promotion apply to both store and webstore?

Our product listing are the same price  in store and webstore. But do note that,you require to have YKL membership  in order to make a purchase,or your  order will not be proceed until membership have been bought.

Yes,during promotion period. Product in both stores will run promotion simultaneously.

On separate occation,we do have exclusive promotion which only apply to a certain type of store only.

3. What payment method do you accept?

We offer various convenient payment options, including:

  • Credit cards: We accept Visa and MasterCard for secure online payments.
  • Online banking: You can make payment through online banking services provided by selected banks.
  • E-wallets: We accept popular e-wallets for seamless transactions.
  • Buy Now Pay Later: We offer the option to use Buy Now Pay Later services such  asAtome for flexible payment arrangements.

Choose the payment method that suits you best during the checkout process

4. Can i use BNPL(Buy now,pay later) to make a purchase?

Yes,we do have BNPL method. We currently have Atome 0% 3 month installment. Purchase product by 3 month payment. This payment method is usable both in physical store and webstore.

Do note,we have 6 month installment for Atome,but there will be a  1.5% Service fee,8%SST included

5. Can i make a purchase via telephone?                                    

Yes you can. You may contact 0102583362 or 0108853362 to make any dail in purchase. We suggest using whatsapp to so our admin can issue bill and consumer send their bank receipt to our admin. 

Customer Service Office Hour: Monday-Friday. 9am-7pm